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One For All is back with a twist!

We’ve moved the action to the Howling Abyss and changed the rules so players on both teams clash with the same champ. Soon you can really play pinball with Monsoons, dodgeball with Dark Spheres or hide-and-seek with ten times the Noxious Traps.
2 years ago

Ultra Rapid Fire bows out

Like a manatee waving a spatula from afar, Ultra Rapid Fire is saying sayonara. U.R.F. was meant to be a joke, but the community’s response has been anything but silly, so goodbyes need not be final.
3 years ago

Ultra Rapid Fire rockets further into the future!

You’ll have to dress warmly for the rest of the week, the cooldowns from Ultra Rapid Fire are sticking around a bit longer. Make ultra rapid plays through April 13.
3 years ago

The Ultra Rapid Fire future

Learn more about the future of League of Legends.
3 years ago

The evolution of League of Legends, today

The future of League of Legends is Ultra Rapid Fire and the future is right now.
3 years ago

Team Builder is here to stay

Team Builder is a new queue where you come together as a team playing the champions you want to play in the roles you want to play them in. Learn more by clicking here.
3 years ago

Upcoming rune balance changes

A few basic rune balance changes are coming in the next patch, along with a rune and IP boost sale.
3 years ago

Let's talk about the Design of Team Builder

Team Builder is our take on a new Champion Select—it’s intended to bring players together that complement each other’s expectations and intentions the moment they enter the lobby.
3 years ago

Hexakill has returned to the workshop

Players experimented with team comps, discovered new metas and made montage-worthy plays throughout Hexakill. But, like Blitzcrank after one too many Tidal Waves, it’s time to return Hexakill to the workshop.
3 years ago

Hexakill ending soon

Earn your Hexakill before it goes away on March 2.
3 years ago